Glass Slipper

This is a great example of some top quality Dutch growing getting blended up with one of the USA’ most wanted clone-only strains and fusing it together with some of the best they have to offer.  

“The White” is a highly potent variety thought to be have been spawned out of the OG Kush family line. The fusion of these two amazing lines has produced a wonderful hybrid in what has become known as Glass Slipper. It seems to hang on to some of the Kush elements, but adds a lovely floral-sweet-fruity edge and adds some cerebral effects from its Cinderella 99 male lineage.

The scent takes bits from all of its lineage, and give it a distinctive aroma from all its phenotypes, but also adds a pungent fruity, floral sweetness behind all of that. There also seems to be an edge of spice in this premium strain. Like many other strains, the flavour seems to emulate the scent.

This strain is highly potent, thanks to the pedigree of its lineage. It comes across as something that hits hard, fast, and right at the start of medicating. There does seem to be moments where your mind begins to wander around, causing the patient to maybe go on random walks, with the possibility of having deep thoughts about a variety of subjects almost without realising it. A generally cerebral experience, but does have tendencies to cause the patient to lose the use of their legs at higher doses. Noticeable effects on the head, especially the eyes, and has been shown to assist ocular issues, and migraines. It also seems to improve the patient’s mood, while not kicking in feelings of anxiety, sometimes an issue with Sativas. A seemingly good choice for any time of the day.

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