Firewalker OG

There’s a pleasant and chilled influence from OG Kush, a very smooth smoking experience seems to be a common feeling here, especially for those who vape. A potent strain, with good medicinal tones at first, which grows in to a more relaxed and chilled experience, but that’s gonna be about an hour and a half in. Can be a great strain for getting you to sleep, although it does seem to be suitable for daytime as well as nighttime meditation, good relaxation, without the Couchlock.

The scent is light, yet a little spicy, reminding some of that classic Kush aroma, with noticeable tones of a floral perfume. After the grinding process, things get a little more aggressive, providing chemical overtones and a certain sharpness. The flavour seems to be much like the scent. Making for an overall pleasurable experience. Best for those who vape, or have respiratory issues.

It does seem to cause a certain lightheadedness, and can make your heart race a little at first. It does seem to heighten the senses, and offer some internal energy. Oddly, it does appear to affect a patient’s legs and feet, as well as small amounts of effects on the eyes and temple. There seems to reach a stage where it begins to offer a chatty, social, and talkative point. This strain seems to also give patients the ability to concentrate on specific tasks, allowing people to focus, but multi tasking isn’t recommended. The experience that Firewalker OG seems to provide are good, and long lasting.

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