Exercise and Fitness – an Overview

 As the understanding of CBD and the endocannabinoid system grows, people are beginning to enquire into just how positive the effects of CBD can be.There is growing evidence to suggest that Cannabidiol (CBD) is having positive effects on muscle movement and development, to the point where even some professional athletes seem to be looking into this topic to see whether they can gain muscle and maintain a fit body.

Exercise is obviously important for people, and, of course, recovery after exercise makes a person healthier. A personal opinion of CBDzine is that the way CBD works with that endocannabinoid system can assist the effectiveness of your post-workout recovery.

CBD does certainly seem to be becoming more popular amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts, with the main focus being on the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. There also appear to be certain theories that CBD can encourage muscle development as well, which, again, is most likely due to the endocannabinoid system.

There are numerous CBD and Hemp based products available, many of which contain a number of healthy nutrients, including; Linoleic acid, Alpha Linoleic acid, Gamma Linoleic acid, Vitamin A, B-vitamins, Vitamin E and others.

Some theories would maintain that the CBD oil helps with not only muscle development, but also with the burning of fat. Other opinions claim that CBD speeds up a person’s metabolism, causing less fat percentages, as well as the increased muscle development, so it’s not just good for the athlete, but also for the everyday person.

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Other areas that our team have researched tell us that CBD can help the older and more vulnerable population manage inflammation, pain, and other health concerns.

We also know that CBD creams and muscle balm can help with pain, giving the fitness enthusiast an effective way to recover from injury. In fact, the writer of this article managed to pull his shoulder in the gym, and found that a CBD cream was the most helpful in his recovery.

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Fitness fans can use CBD oils to assist in the reduction of cortisol levels during high-intensity workouts. Cortisol is a hormone which helps to regulate a large range of processes throughout the body, including metabolism and the immune response, and as we’re starting to discover, the endocannabinoid system can help with both of these important bodily processes, so there may very well be a link here. This is another CBDzine personal opinion that is believed to be true. Cortisol also plays an important role in helping the body’s response to stress, another thing we know full well that cannabis can help with as well.

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CBD can also assist with a person’s sleep which helps greatly with muscle repair, meaning there is another benefit from cannabis and CBD based products in this regard. CBD based tinctures also seem to be of great help in this field as well. 

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