This strain lives up to its name, when you find your mood elevated fairly quickly, and with that effect being long lasting. The potency wasn’t all that high, and seems to plateau after about an hour and a half. There are effects that seem to carry on for around another hour and a half as well, involving eyes, so if you medicate for ocular based problems, we can only assume this would be one for you.

It was spawned out of a cross between Northern Lights #1 and Haze.

The scent seems to be rather subdued with suggestions of fresh vegetables, pine, and a slight sweetness. The taste is similar to the scent, with a strong edge of hash added to the mix.

The effect on the eyes seems to start straightaway, and then fluctuates between light and heavy, as well as a floating head, and heavy body feeling. In spite of these sensations, brain and body tasks don’t seem to be effected. After a while, the body effects seems to calm, while the mood elevation seems to carry on, followed by a restful slide back to whatever variation of normality you’re used to.

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