An uncommon Diesel-Chem hybrid which lives up to its lineage of Chem’s Sister and Sour Diesel. It is a Sativa-dominant strain, and has a tendency, at higher dosages, to earn its name well, creating a highly relaxed, and borderline narcotic sensation.

As the dopium style sensation wears off, the effect turns towards a more narcotic, and yet relaxing feeling, offering some of that classic Sativa “crash” which can put a patient to bed by the second hour of medication. The crash side of this up and then down experience can be controlled by using smaller doses, and spacing the doses out over wide gaps.

Definitely an evening strain, best to make sure everything on your day has been done before medicating. It does leave you with some energy, kicks your appetite up a notch, but overall, it’s a relaxing experience, good for anti-anxiety, and an assistant to problems with sleeping.

The scent is complex and highly pungent with a sharp chemical side as well, it’s a scent that many connoisseurs try to seek out. There are some floral and fairy spice like edges to the scent as well. The flavour seems to be a lesser version of the scent, with a hint of hickory wood barbecue. The smoke is fairly impressive, but nothing too harsh, but that’s only when it’s been grown by someone who knows what they’re doing.

The experience is heady and initially cerebral, usually offering a burst of energy and mental activity, it can give the patient a desire to laugh and chat. Higher doses can cause a feeling of spaciness, as well as occasional lapses in focus and concentration, without taking away from any good mood, or energy, as well as being smooth overall. As the experience begins to mellow down, things seem to turn into a more sedentary, and relaxing one.

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