With the increasing number of countries that are beginning to legalise cannabis, dermatologists are seeing increased pressure to prescribe and will be challenged to investigate any possible side effects that may arise from a greater use of cannabis.

There seems to be a number of approved cannabis based medical treatments, including psoriasis, lupus, nail-patella syndrome, and severe pain.

Also, some preliminary studies seem to have suggested that cannabis and its derivatives might have a positive effect on acne, dermatitis, pruritus, wound healing, and skin cancer. Although, it would appear that more controlled environment studies are needed to fully define the full potential of cannabis to treat dermatological problems. 

There is a certain amount of controversy surrounding the side effects of cannabis use within this context, some of which are fairly well documented. Dermatologists should be aware of these issues, they can include; cannabis allergy manifesting as urticaria and pruritus, cannabis arteritis presenting with necrosis and ulcers, and oral cancers from cannabis smoke.

Here at CBDzine, we would make the personal assumption that some kind of cannabis based cream would be the best solution for dermatological issues, but it would still be important to find a cream that’s generated from the appropriate strain. told us this:

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