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Some reports from around 2016 have looked into whether cannabis use may increase the risk for depression, these reports seem to be unclear. 

It would appear that it hasn’t been clinically possible to draw a definitive conclusion regarding any direct links between causality of depression, and cannabis, i.e. whether cannabis use increases the risk for depression, or whether it can assist a patient to cope better. Like with any psychoactive substance, some people are far more susceptible to developing depression or other mood disorders whereas others will not suffer the effects.

Apparently the tests that were used to gather some of the data regarding these facts came from a study made up of 8,598 Swedish men and women, aged between 20–64, with three year follow ups.

There were results that indicated that cannabis could well be associated with an increased risk of depression. Once the results were adjusted for other common drugs that people use, ie; alcohol, illicit drug use, as well as education, family tension, upbringing environments, the associations were no longer statistically significant. 

So far, there has been insufficient information regarding basic things like the effects cannabis and CBD can have regarding age, gender, frequency of use, and other baseline factors. 

So far it would seem that there has been nothing conclusive to work on, although the CBDzine personal opinion would assume, as always, it would be a case of using the correct strain, a pure, but not too hard hitting Sativa might be the way forward, but we would always maintain that you do your own research. 

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