Dental For Dogs

Before you ask, no we’re not suggesting that you get your pets stoned, we would hope by now that you’re aware that there is many other uses for cannabis than just that.

CBD for Healthy Gums

When looking  after your dog, keeping their teeth clean helps them stay healthy for longer. You can also help improve their oral hygiene by brushing their teeth yourself, but as they age, gum disease can be harder to battle. Studies have shown that CBD oil may be able to help with gingivitis, providing an extra layer of when when it come to keeping you dogs gums healthy.

Gum disease is one of the most commonly diseases in dogs.

CBD as an Anti-bacterial

Studies have shown that cannabinoids found in cannabis have potent anti-bacterial properties. Brushing their teeth with CBD oil, you can help fight the bacteria causing inflammation at their gum line, helping to minimise and maybe even slow down or halt the progression of gingivitis.

CBD for Inflammation 

Gum disease can be very uncomfortable and painful. The bodies reaction to the disease will cause inflammation . If that inflammation goes on for too long, it can worsen the symptoms as well as help further progress the disease. In  studies CBD oil has been shown to reduce inflammation.

Always visit and consult your vet. Your dog  can start to lose their teeth if gum diseases are left unchecked. Gum disease also gives bacteria access to your dog’s bloodstream, putting them at risk of developing other illnesses. 

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