Something for those who love their Diesel, as well as those who want a balanced experience. Initially the Diesel effects kick in, followed by the relaxing feeling of the Indica, with a range of medical benefits. Deathstar seems to be potent and long lasting, so might well be best left in the hands of the more experienced patients. 

The aroma seems to be popular highlight of this strain, highly pungent, before and after grinding. Some have mentioned hints of rubber, others menthol, there’s edges lemon, and an overwhelming sweetness that seems to linger. The flavour seems to be slightly sweet, although it also tends to come and go a little, it shares other similarities with the smell, like that citrus hint, and also adds an earthy tone to the mix.

Initially, it does seem to raise a person’s heart rate, and cause a little perspiration, but these effects will differ from person to person. The Indica side of this hybrid shows up, seemingly without warning, causing Couchlock, combined with a social feeling, combined with a sense of mental clarity, something not always that easy to find. Again, these effects will vary from person to person, and be affected by the time of day, and the patient’s frame of mind. A mostly relaxing strain, so a good choice if that’s what you’re after, just be mindful of those initial effects.

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