Davinci Miqro vape review:

Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored advert. I bought this vape myself and am writing this to help you choose the vape that is right for you! 

As a whole this is one of the better vapes you can get for the money. It’s small and fits into almost every pocket. It’s very much an on the go vaporizer. The Miqro doesn’t have a screen which makes it harder to use but with a bit of practice you’ll have it figured out in no time! I mainly use the preset modes.


Price : Standard Vape £99 – Explorers Bundle £119


  • Small and compact, very easy to carry and smoke on the go
  • Produces an excellent flavour
  • Fast heating times
  • Replaceable battery, if you buy the explorers pack you get an extra battery.
  • A secret PDT (Poke down thing) This is a BIG pro for me! 


  • Battery life is shorter than other vapes
  • No screen and lights are hard to read

You have 2 options when buying the Miqro, The standard vape, and the Explorers Bundle. 

If you’re going to go for the Davinci Miqro, I would definitely recommend buying the explorers pack. The extra battery and travel case alone are worth the added price. You’ll also get a silicone protective sleeve, a grinder coin, a carry can key ring to carry ground up cannabis, an extended mouthpiece (which is all I use) , an accessory pack (additional pieces, parts and tools) and a USB charging cable.

Heating times: 

Smart Path 1 (350°) ~ 30 seconds

Smart Path 2 (370°) ~ 40 seconds

Smart Path 3 (390°) ~ 45 seconds

Smart Path 4 (410°) ~ 55 seconds

My experience –

Here is a first hand account of my experience with the Da Vinci Miqro. At 8pm I set the preset temp to the 3rd option and took 5 pulls on the vape. The taste was very strong and full of flavour, definitely one of my favourite vapes for flavour. Not much vapour came out when I took my first drag but it built up over the session, I sat back watching some anime waiting for the effects to begin.

Around 15 minutes later I started to feel a little high, noticing my mood changing and feeling more relaxed. 

25 minutes into the session the full body effects started and I was happily high. The main difference I find with vaping compared to smoking joints is the high feeling compared to the feeling of being stoned when I smoke. I feel more energised when vaping and the effects are less intense. I do enjoy both but if I’m wanting to get more stuff done I’ll always reach for the vape. 

At 9pm I still felt comfortably high but started to feel more sleepy. If I smoke and sit on the couch with munchies and a movie I tend to get sleepier compared to if I have a vape and go for a walk in nature so I may do a review where I smoke earlier in the day and go out. 

I stopped making notes after this one, probably because I was too engrossed in the show I was watching! haha! 

All in all the Da Vinci Miqro is a great vape for your personal needs, I would recommend it if you’re looking for a high quality vape on the cheaper end of the spectrum. 

I would give the Da Vinci Miqro a 4 / 5 

What would make it 5/5?

Overall I’m very happy with the Da Vinci Miqro, there are a few things that could make it a 5/5 vape that I’ll talk about below.

  • The vape does get a little hot whilst heating up and during the session. It may be what you have to sacrifice with the size being so small.
  • The user interface is a little tough to use where sequences of lights mean different things and changing settings relies on you counting the lights turning on or forming a number. This set back possibly comes with the size of the vape as well.
  • The biggest downside to the Miqro is sometimes small bits of cannabis will come through the mouthpiece into your mouth, which isn’t the nicest experience. However it doesn’t always happen.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Vape Review and it helped you on your smoking alternative journey  – Lee (The cannabis alternative journalist)

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