Colombian Gold

This strain is a little bit of classic cannabis history, it formed a main part of another classic, Sam the Skunkman Skunk #1, something that has found its way into many hybrids over the last few decades. Looks great before grinding, but comes into its own as it’s used, giving a strong Sativa sensation, whilst allowing people to be motivated, social, and focused. More recommend for daytime medication, seems to offer something for everyone, from the veteran to the newbie. 

The scent lives up to its classic reputation, a little musky, a little bit of a citrus edge, and a hint of Skunk. This could well be the top of that Sativa food chain, the pinnacle that all other Sativas should strive to live up to.

The aroma was nicely pungent both in and out of the jar, but really freshened up and got a lovely tangy quality when ground up. The flavour is rich, and full of quality, a combination of tea tree oil taste, a little floral, with a creamy edge. There’s even a citrus lemon and lime hint that comes through and waves hello from time to time. Definitely not boring. 

It is a strain that allows a person to remain active and alert, strong medication, with an added sense of being functional and mentally positive. Seems to hit people on a cerebral level, but doesn’t seem to give people that out of control racy feeling that some of the stronger meds can. It also seems to offer good muscle relaxation, which makes it a great choice for those who need some relief from pain.

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