Choosing the Right Product

When you’re looking for the right cannabis product for you, it is important to bear in mind the following:

Know what you’re trying to achieve. What you’re trying to feel or treat will help you narrow your options. Talk with some kind of specialist about your goals for cannabis use, whether that’s treating insomnia, reducing anxiety, or increasing energy.

Understand your tolerance:

Some strains, such as Pineapple Express, are considered “entry level cannabis”. Their effects are typically mild and tolerable. Strains with higher levels of cannabinoids may be too potent for a the inexperienced user.

Consider your medical history. Cannabis might well be a natural product, but it can cause intense effects. Before you try cannabis, you need to consider possible interactions with existing medical conditions and medications, any pharmacist, healthcare professional, or doctor with some basic common sense should be able to help you with this, as well as individual benefits and potential risks. They can discuss its potential positive and negative effects on your personal health and help you find something that suits your needs.

Decide on a desired consumption method.

Each technique for consuming cannabis has benefits and drawbacks. If you smoke or vape cannabis, you may feel effects more quickly, but it can irritate your lungs and airways. Gummies, chewables, and foods may be easier to tolerate, but the effects take longer and often aren’t as potent.


Cannabis isn’t legal everywhere. A few years ago, all cannabis products were illegal in most places. Today, many places have legalised cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, or both.

CBD laws are also evolving. Some places allow it for medicinal purposes, but they heavily regulate the source in order to prevent THC-laced CBD products.

Before you attempt to purchase or use cannabis, you should know the laws for your area. If you don’t know the laws where you are, you could face legal consequences.

After all this:

You can begin to explore your options. Finding the right option for you may take time. You may also find that you don’t tolerate cannabis well.

If you live in a area that has legalised cannabis, either for medical,  or adult use, you can visit a dispensary and talk with a trained staff member. They may be able to recommend specific strains or other products to suit your individual needs.

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