Chem Dawg

No one’s really sure of the heritage of this strain, but just taking in the scent of Chem Dawg it starts to become evident of the building blocks. Chem Dawg is a great strain, included in a number of other classic varieties, such as OG Kush, Sour Diesel, to name a couple.

It has a distinctive odour, a bit sour, a hint of chemical pine, some sweet tones, and a bit of soil. The flavour seems a little like Sour Diesel strains, no surprise seeing as this is a major part of Chem Dawg’s lineage – this helps with the flavour being similar to the scent.

It’s a fast acting, Sativa dominate strain that also seems to provide clear, head-based effects. This medicine might deliver quickly, but it also spends a little while climbing before hitting full-force.  It is a chatty strain, but there’s sufficient Indica present to not hit that overly racey edge.

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