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Mascara is the ultimate beauty basic, and one of the most sold items in the cosmetic industry. Mascara is the magic that can make you look polished even on the days when you don’t have time to apply a full face of makeup, mascara makes your eyes pop, and for most women, some men, and the majority of the goth scene, this helps with confidence and makes them feel good about themselves. So, finding the right one is a priority, and some say CBD mascaras could be among the best. Is the perfect mascara out there?

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While cannabis-derived beauty products have become a major part of the beauty industry, could this all be a fad? I for one am sceptical, does CBD in make up or mascara actually offer any benefits or just a steeper price tag and flashy marketing. However, reviews of CBD infused mascara are very positive, and I am intrigued. As Deanna Pai wrote in her review for Glamour, “My lashes looked thicker for sure — and somewhat longer — but with zero clumps.”

Doing your own research is essential to making an informed decision. With that in mind, here are some of the biggest advantages — and disadvantages — of mixing CBD oil and Mascara.

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The Pros and Cons of CBD Mascara

Like most beauty products, CBD mascaras come with their share of trade-offs. Depending on your needs and preferences.

Pro:  Longer lashes?

A riveting claim made about CBD mascara is that its fatty acids can increase blood circulation to the roots of your lashes and encourage faster, fuller growth as a result.  CBD hair care products have already been found to have this effect on people dealing with thin hair or even hair loss. No clinical trials have been conducted yet to test if CBD mascaras share this rejuvenating power, but since they work according to the same principles, there’s reason to believe they might.

Pro: It Can Improve the Condition of your lashes

Fatty acids do not only encourage growth, but they also help with conditioning, giving you stronger and silkier hair. CBD mascaras rich in fatty acids can make your lashes stronger by infusing them with important proteins and repairing those that are brittle or damaged. So, your lashes will look healthier and fuller naturally and you will not have to rely on make up to make your lashes look great.

Pro:  Vegan-Friendly – depending on the brand.

If you are a conscientious beauty buyer, you might be interested to know that vegan CBD products are becoming increasingly common. CBD itself is vegan, and it can be used to replace the beeswax (a non-vegan product) used in Mascara formulas. Beeswax is commonly used to make sure the liquid adheres to the fibres of the lashes, but CBD is a great vegan alternative that can do the same job without having an impact on animal welfare.

Con: It Might Not Deliver the Same Volume

CBD properties can help with longer looking lashes, but on a more natural scale, if you are looking for extravagant, extension-like lashes CBD mascara might not be what you are looking for.

Con:  Fewer Choices

A major drawback to using CBD mascara is a much narrower range of options when it comes to finding a product. 

Con:  More Expensive

CBD is a new exciting addition to the beauty industry, and as the options are limited, price tags can be higher than your usual mascaras.

Prices seem to range from:

MILK KUSH High Volume Mascara at £13

Good Vibes Blow out! Volume Mascara at £8

The Crème shop, get lifted CBD Mascara $12

Bell HYPOAllergenic GREAT LASHES Regenerist Mascara £5.89

It will be interesting to see what CBD mascara products will be released in the future, will the big brands like The Estee Lauder companies follow suit?

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