The debate surrounding recreational vs medical cannabis has collected greater in recent years, with it being seen in a more positive light. 

The effect of has on cardiovascular health has also become a matter of discussion. There is literature regarding the pathophysiology of endocannabinoids, their hemodynamic effects, and their association with cardiovascular problems. 

There is also effects seem regarding what cannabis does to the endocannabinoid system on the cardiovascular system, this being at a cellular level, which seems to have caused more interest in the potential of cannabis based products and their potential. 

Some other studies have endeavoured to show the hemodynamic effects of cannabis use, but there has also been negative reactions as well.

So, there does seem some evidence to support positive reactions from cannabis use on a molecular level, the negative reactions we at CBDzine would most likely put that down to the delivery system, ie. smoking might not be the way forward if you suffer with cardiovascular problems, but maybe some kind of edibles might have better results. As always, check this out for yourself, research more than one source, and choose wisely.

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