Spawned out of a bringing together of Bay Platinum Cookies, and Grand Daddy Purple (GDP). This is a strain that won gold at the 2012 KushCon. Generally speaking, it seems to be most popular in California and Colorado.

Depending on the specific traits, the aroma seems to run between sweet candy and grapes, to earthy, chemical and bit like fuel, and quite possibly a bizarre combination scents. 

Its Grand Daddy Purple male seed lineage is well known for passing down its distinctive grape and berry aromas. The Bay Platinum Cookies female is also known for its classic Girl Scout Cookies aroma with an added bit of sweetness from the Bay 11. The taste tends to be varied, this is due to the strain being available as a seed, or as a clone, meaning there’s various varieties of it floating around. Even though a specific flavour might be hard to pin down, Candyland seems to be sweet, musky, fuel like in smell. Anyone who has the pleasure of being able to grow for themselves will be able to select their own preferences when it comes to flavour, some might want to lean their crop more in the direction of the Cookies and others will be more inclined to the Grand Daddy Purple tastes. 

This strain is known as one that can enhance a person’s mood, as well as helping towards pain relief by managing muscle tension, and helping a patient to relax. The high tends to be more balanced like a hybrid, but definitely sativa dominant, although that depends on the specific phenotype. The THC levels in Candyland can reach up to 19%, maybe more, it’s a highly potent strain. Some reports have mentioned feelings of good mental focus, and the pain relief seems to be a common trait. Other have reported that this strain can be effective in treating depression, anxiety, and ADD.

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