Bubba Kush

A strain with countless stories in its background. Although, not as many stories as OG Kush, Bubba Kush does tend to kick off a number of heated discussions across the cannabis culture.

There is a rumour that the creators tell a tale that it stems from connections in Florida and ties the Bubba to OG heritage, but apparently the true genetic origins are unknown.

Bubba Kush has a specific leaf structure, stem thickness, density of flower, limited node spacing, and dark hues which make it stand out in any garden. It is known for having large bud structures and hues that range from purple to green.

Bubba Kush’s aroma is a unique scent which can stick with you for a long time, it often borders on an acrid ammonia smell, but generally emits deep and earthy tones. Ranging anywhere from hints of coffee to smelly feet, Bubba Kush seems to hit the nose in a different way for each individual. Its flavour seems to have a similar reaction as well, there are reports ranging from chocolate to ammonia, but regardless the smoke with be thick and heavy. 

Bubba Kush creates heavily narcotic effects, with the Katsu cut being a bit less sleep inducing although common reports claim it has a very heavy body high.

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