Bruce Brainer

Part of the classic Banner strain, spawned out of a combination of Bruce Banner #3, Brain OG (Lemon Larry OG and Sour Diesel) aka Snoop’s OG or Soul Assassin’s OG.

As part of that “Banner Collection” bred by Green Dream Health Services in Boulder, Colorado. The goal of this cross was to bring back some of the more true OG taste and smell whilst maintaining the Bruce Banner potency. Having received the coveted Brain OG (aka Snoop’s OG or Soul Assassin’s OG) from a long-time friend of Snoop Dogg in late 2012, the Green Dream founders knew immediately it was a top candidate for the Banner Collection project.

The aroma seems to be lemony, with, a dominant pine smell. The Bruce Banner taste comes through in the dried flower. The flavour seems to be lemon kush dominant, with hints of earthy soil and minerals.

Hybrid natured with an intense potency from the Bruce Banner #3, this strain, brings the standard OG body high and laid back head but also adds a good hour or more of a traditional sativa experience as far as energy and vibrance go.

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