This is a hybrid that spawned out of some special and rare genetics; Blackberry Apocalypse, TRC Alexis F2 pollen (Blackberry Apocalypse is Tony (*bagseed clone), Blackberry from Memy’s Finest Seeds, while Alexis is Sweet tooth #3 with Lavender)

Bordello has been known to have some wonderful colours, this could be down to having Soma’s Lavender in it’s lineage. 

It is certainly sweet, towards the berry side of things, with a hint of skunk as well. The flavour is usually fairly sweet and herb like.

Though it’s heavily on the Indica end of the spectrum, this strain tends to be relatively light overall, not usually causing feelings of being overwhelmed, or bleary-eyed. It appears to provide a good, solid, body relaxation experience, with the mind staying relatively clear and fairly functional. There also seems to be strong ocular effects, could well be a good choice for glaucoma, and similar issues.

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