In the same way as a number other high-THC% strains, it would seem that the potency is for long term rather than an initial “woah!” moment at the start, with Bogglegum you could be experiencing the experience for a long time, especially if you’re using a higher dose, this is above average medication. Definitely value for money. Some might tell you it’s only mild, but stuff effects different people in different ways. Great for Adult Use, but might not make into the world of top league medical cannabis. Probably best thought of as a reasonably functional Indica with a sweet soil taste that keeps you going for a good long time, some have recommended it for intermediate patients.

Spawned out of two classic strains – BOGBubble, and Northern Lights #5

It has a sugary, yet slightly creamy sweetness pre grinding, after the grind, what seems to be a strong and musky scent comes out, with earthy hints. Not a strain to go unnoticed, but also, not one to make your friends comment on the impressive aroma. The flavour seems to follow the path of the scent.

The experience seems to be that of a fairly cerebral Indica, allowing people to stay “with it” for their time shared with Bogglegum, with just a few overwhelming moments at its highest points. Focus seems to get a little impaired, but the ability to keep a clear head seems to stay. At the start, it can tend towards being a bit full on, some have equated it to being a Headband type of experience, it’s a med that can creep up on a person in a stealth like manner. 

It does seem to have a mood stabilisation ability, keeping thoughts and emotions level and calm. The physical relaxation seems to be effective as well, with that and the mood stabilisation running on for around three hours in some reports. 

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