Bob Saget

A fairly unique-looking plant it’s apparently a random blend of quality genetics which produced a plant which is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s a combination of Ft. Collins (“FoCo”) S.A.G.E. (Big Sur Holy mixed with Afghani), add to this mix Hanis (Kunduz Afghani purple pheno [Pre-’98 Bubba Kush plus 1994 Positronics Haze])

This strain is very resinous and has very little leaf. It’s an uplifting and almost racy experience at first, but will level out, and may become lightly psychedelic.

It’s a strain that seems to be good for mind-engaging activities such as creative moments, and video games, opinion says it’s good for helping a person be “in the zone”, not great as a conversational experience though, the racy feeling inside your own mind might override the conversation you’re trying to have. Effects do seem to level out as the experience goes along. 

Created by a master breeder during the summer of 2010. The resulting pollen only had minimal seed results, one of which was planted, the rest having been lost in time and history.  The name of this strain is rumoured to have came from a badly written plant tag which appeared to read “SAGET” rather than “SAGE”, and it stuck due to the amusement factor. 

It has a strange appearance, taking elements from its lineage, it often grows in stacked columns, with an impressive coating of trichomes, these seem to be reminiscent of cornrows, and fit together in a similar way to the teeth of a zipper. The plant is usually a grey/ green colour, with hints of a rich purple, occasionally becoming almost totally purple/grey in colour. What little leaf matter is present on this strain tends to be almost entirely covered in trichomes, the face and the underside of these leaves. 

There is an impressive aroma which features an almost chemical scent, as well as a hint of sweetness. As the bud is broken up, the chemical hint becomes stronger, and gives a certain tingling tone to the nose. It’s definitely an unusual scent for cannabis. The flavour seems to be akin to the scent, but with a floral hint as well. 

Very good quality Sativa, most likely gained from its genetics. The plant follows a fairly standard Sativa growth pattern, which is obvious in the effects, these start off being somewhat hazy, but then grow into a fairly standard stoned and sedated feeling, with a little bit of a mind-wandering effect as well, as the experience grows, it can border on a crash feeling. It would be suggested as being better for the end of a person’s day, although it can keep a person’s mind active as well.

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