A strain that has been spawned from a combination of Thai Sativa (Oregon Purple & Juicy Fruit), and Afghan Indica, a nice blend. 

An average looking strain, dark green leaves, and orange pistils, nothing remarkable there, in fact, average in every way, but in other ways, that’s a good thing, it makes it dense enough to be substantial, at the same time as being dry enough to burn well, while being nicely covered in a good layer of trichomes

The scent this gives off is basically Blueberry, simple as that. Post grinding it seems to have a slightly musky and putrid edge to the scent as well. Flavour wise, it’s not as strong as you might expect, seems fairly subdued. On the other hand, it does make for an easy and smooth smoke. This strain seems to give light Sativa style effects at first, mostly concentrated around the face, with immediate relief at the neck and shoulder area. It does seem to be a great mood lifter as well, but doesn’t seem to cause Couchlock, even though seated activities do appear to be favourable. Do be prepared for redness in the eyes effects.

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