Blue Kush

A strain who’s qualities live up to its name. Mostly, people seem to find Blue Kush an enjoyable experience

The way it looks, smells, and tastes seem to be the perfect balance of its lineage,

Blueberry, and OG Kush. A perfect fusion of Blueberry fruitiness and Kush spiciness with the best of both strains.

It has been suggested that this strain is a very relaxing and medicinal one, but not one that’s too overbearing, and doesn’t create Couchlock like some Indicas have a tendency to. 

Seemingly, this could be the perfect strain for both daytime, or nighttime, although it might be a good plan to not have anything too complicated to get done.

The taste seems to be popular, not as strong as the scent, but still managing to keep that perfect balance between Blueberry and Kush. 

Effects seem to kick off quickly, but nonetheless smoothly, providing an experience where you can still be mentally alert at the same time as being strongly medicated. A positive strain that seems to make a person feel sociable, but at the same time want to lean towards relaxing and non complicated, also good for contemplation and taking that sometimes necessary “time out moment”. It would also seem that Blue Kush is a good lasting strain, with effects that can stay with a person for over two hours.

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