Blue Cream

Not one of the craziest-looking or even strongest-tasting strains, but it is still a good solid med that deserves a place in anyone’s Indica rotation, this is down to its enduring calming effects and even-handed power. A reliable and steady experience that seems to be effective, while not being pushy.

It has a quality heritage, having been spawned from DJ Short’s Blueberry, and AK-47

It would seem as though the AK-47 lineage has bulked up the trichome count on the Blueberry, it can also boast a healthy blend of light greens, and mixed autumn-coloured pistils.

There are some hints of blueberries, strawberries, mint ice cream, there also seems to be a slight sour element that comes out after grinding. If you’re a fan of sweet, fruity strains, this could be the one for you. A very nice, and somewhat pungent feel as well.

Taste wise it’s not quite as strong and overwhelmingly sweet as the smell, the taste seems to offer a clear berry flavour with earthy hints, flowers, and vegetation. People have claimed that the smoke smoke was smooth and not too “in your face”, making it a positive option for patients who don’t want to cough or suffer other respiratory issues.

Initially this seems to throw a rush of heat to the face and eyes, with an accompanying relaxation and warmth coming over the body as well.

The eyes and face seem to feel most of the effects of this medicine, although many will also state that they have a mostly clear and wide open experience. 

It seemed to be a measured positivity that is depended a bit on whatever your mood is at the start. The primary feeling seems to be one of worry-free relaxation with a definite couchlock/lazy quality to it. A perfect option for a lazy time, especially if you don’t want something so overwhelming strong and lethargic to make it tough for daytime/busy use.

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