Blue Cheese

Bred out of a lineage of Big Buddha Cheese, and DJ Short’s Blueberry, by Barney’s Farm by pollinating a Big Buddha Cheese female with a pair of Blueberry males. It has compact, purple-tinged flowers with average resin coverage.

The aroma is one of the features of this strain, it gives a wonderful pungent combination of sweet blueberry and sharp, musky, putrid elements, which people have said, makes it smell like cheese. Thought of as a strange and unique taste that’s only found in Cheese strains, somewhat appealing and somewhat revolting at the same time, a bit like some of the finest cheeses. 

It would seem that the taste lives up to that Blue Cheese name as well as the aroma does, with the berry sweetness fading into the background. It has also been said that was a taste similar to what is found in goat milk cheeses, whilst others picked up on peppery, sharp scents. Sweetness is present, but the sharp tastes dominate the experience. 

It has been suggested that the experience is a very uppy, motivational one, full of energy, exaggerated gestures, and laughter, others claimed the experience was contrary to these, but at other times they would agree. Medications can quite simply affect different people in different ways at different times, especially wise to bear that in mind with this strain.

Overall, reports will say that this strain will give you a wonderful relaxing experience, that seems to take all the trouble and pain of the day and simply put the brakes on that. Initially a warm and buzzing feeling in the mind and body, followed by an immediate mood lift. This strain delivers quickly, and stays at medicinal levels for around 1.5 hours, only tailing off around hour 2. The dominant state was one of engaged but inactive focus, where the couch and a movie or video games were the perfect accompaniment. It was a great “stealth med” though, physical appearance seems to be unaffected despite the strains potency. Soft drops have been reported, but remember, this is a “downer” med.

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