In 2008, High Times claimed that this strain was one of the “next big things”, but it never really seemed to live up to that as many as had expected. Regardless of the hype that came with the strain’s creation, it is still a high quality indica-dominant hybrid that has a heavy dose of sedative potency.

Firmly rooted in a combination of White Widow, and Legends Ultimate Indica (California Ortega, and Sweet Tooth BX2)

Bling is believed to have originated from a grower known as “Monk”, who saved some LUI pollen and found the perfect match in a special clone-only White Widow from Colorado.  These strains were crossed and stabilising the results produced what is now know as Bling.

The smell seems to be bit of a mixture, there’s a sweet-meets-putrid fruity smell, and a musky sharpness when ground or broken up.  

The flavour seems to have a hashy and lightly sweet feel, with an expansive and thick smoke, potential cough warnings in place. 

Seems to be best for a night time experience, Bling is thoroughly relaxing for both the body and mind without necessarily sending you straight off to sleep, but be warned of heavy eyelids. 

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