Black Mamba

Another Indica dominant strain that has spawned out of Black Domina, and Blue Bubblejuice. 

Arrowhead-shaped barley corn green sepals dappled throughout with eggplant purple, in closed, tight calyxes, with ochre pistils, and above average coverage with short, thick-stalked trichomes with average heads

It seems to have a perfume-like aroma, which reminds some people of a fancy bath and soap shop. Overall an enjoyable aroma, but can take a little persuading to fully come out, it also seems to never be all that pungent.

The flavour comes across as more sweet and fruity than the aroma, with just a hint of grape. Although it seems to be not that pungent beyond the initial hits, the smoke was smooth and not too harsh on the throat, even though some have reported coughing as the smoke became very thick.

Apparently, this strain comes on quickly, and only after the initial hits it sent a wave of pressure into the eyes and head, and a buzzing sensation to the feet and shoulders. Generally speaking it’s a mentally calming sensation, but seems to make some people feel a little slow-witted. Probably best suited to stationary activities like watching a movie. It would seem to be a strain for being indoors, and not far away from bed.

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