Big Wreck

Big Bud is known by some of you to be a weaker strain that many growers use to up the yields of more interesting strains, but Big Wreck is knock out potent. Indicas are great for pain and relaxation, and when you find one that still lets the brain function fully it is a real plus. New patients would be advised to take it steadily when medicating with this, might be a good plan to not smoke a whole joint or you could end up with a case of unprovoked guilt and paranoia.

Big Wreck was spawned out of Trainwreck, and California Big Bud. 

Taste wise, it seems to have a mild pungence providing a “designer soil” style of scent. Whereas the flavour seems to hint of fresh produce, combined with a mild sweetness that stays in the mouth for a while.

Big Wreck seems to be fast acting, but also have a steady 10 minute rise. This is a powerful indica that will wash away most everything going on, best to sit back and relax in the sun or in front of a TV. Not overly introverted which some powerful indicas tend to be.

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