Betty Banner

A strain that takes an A grade strain and adds a whole new kick. The Fort Collins Cough (Northern Lights #5 x Haze #17) has been a personal favourite for many in the mid-late 90s, due to its potency combined with its clarity. It’s a highly functional sativa hybrid that seems to be missing out on flavour and scent. The Bruce Banner #3 brings that to the table with perfection. 

The Bruce Banner takes over this smell, which is fine with us as it brings forth so many great scents. You will find soft fruit and soil, as well as a common diesel scent with pleasant earth and pine tones.

The flavour seems to be a split between the fruit/diesel of the strain itself and the organic matter it derived life from.

It appears to have an initial soaring effect, nicely potent characteristics for mind and body to get lost in. One cannot doubt the onslaught of this medicine from every and any angle and most patients will take a few minutes to gather their bearings. You may well then notice the sativa activity kicking in as you get an energy rush and mental euphoria. This is strong medicine, probably perfect for some, and debatable for others.

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