Barney’s Red Diesel

A pleasantly balanced collection of Indica effects without much in the way of downsides. The physical relief it provides seems to be great for moderate pain, and the mental effects don’t appear to be too strong or uncomfortable. Barney’s Red Diesel seems to provide solid relief from daily aches and pains while giving most people a smile on their face.

This strains lineage is from California Indica, and New York City Diesel.

This strain has light strawberry-coloured pistils that seemed to cover the vast majority of the bud’s surface. Underneath this it’s possible to find a good amount of trichomes, this is a strain that’s impressive on the naked eye. A sour and citrusy aroma, making for a strain that’s pleasing to the nose. There seems to be a slight vegetal sweetness that came out especially after grinding.

This strain seems to take people from states of energy to states of sloth, with an overall feeling of being slightly spaced-out. Most reports have mentioned a constant and yet relaxing numbing body high, making it great for pain relief and the accompanying good mood.

Stronger in potency than other strains, but never seems to get overwhelming. It also seems to be a good choice for almost any level of MMJ patient. 

Very much an Indica-dominant experience.

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