Banana Kush

The smoke from one of these seems to be able to induce mild coughing fits as it stays with you for a minute or so after smoking. It carries a solid potency for a fruity named strain and can be enjoyed in most contexts. It seems to create an outgoing nature, as well as a nice introspective experience to the patient. The taste and smell are captivating, and can make for a really tasty joint to share with a group. Banana Kush has Ghost’s OG Kush, and Skunk Haze in its lineage. 

It lives up to its name, and really does smell like bananas, but the strong kush scent will take over once crushed or ground. That banana taste appears to linger with a person. A sweet and pleasant experience.

Banana Kush gives a classic Indica body buzz. Seems to give quick results with a little dizziness and light headedness for the initial 5 -10 minutes.

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