In a number of locations, cannabis based medicine has been approved for use in the management of pain.

There does seem to be some uncertainty and controversy surrounding their use in this way, particularly in musculoskeletal conditions.

Cannabis, a drug with many generations of history have begun to become noticed again, and even thought of as a modern day analgesic. More and more moves towards the legalisation of cannabis has meant that more and more people are starting to discover its benefits. 

Those who fight for the legalisation of cannabis are often confused as people who are simply looking for a simple way to get high, not the case at all, often those who are campaigning for legislation are those people who have experienced the available benefits, such as, regaining movement that was previously restricted due to arthritis once they used cannabis

There also seems to still be a confusion between recreational use, and medical use cannabis, and cannabinoids. It is important to understand the differences, and when to incorporate them into your life. It’s also crucial to look past the prejudice and misconceptions, and understand when cannabis and cannabinoids are being used in a pharmacological context, especially in the context of medically treating musculoskeletal conditions, arthritis, and other conditions that it seems to have success treating, for example Multiple Sclerosis

Medical professionals still seem to be confused as to when it’s right to prescribe or recommend medical cannabis as a new analgesic / treatment option in musculoskeletal conditions.

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