There is evidence to back up the theory that cannabidiol can control a number of problems caused by suffering from anxiety. One being the anxiety caused by public speaking in treatment-naive social phobia patients.

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is becoming an increasingly common and recognised condition, and can cause issues in day to day social life.

Cannabidiol (CBD), is a non-psychotomimetic compound of the cannabis sativa plant, and has been shown to have positive effects in both in humans and in animals who suffer with SAD. 

There have been preliminary studies aimed to compare the effects of a simulation public speaking test (SPST) on healthy control (HC) patients and treatment-naïve SAD patients. These patients, a total of 24, received a single dose of CBD or a placebo. These 24 patients, all who suffered from SAD were given either CBD (600 mg; n= 12) or placebo (placebo; n= 12) in a random way. Results seemed to say there were improvements in blood pressure, heart rate, and skin conductance. They were tested at six points during the test, pre-treatment with CBD apparently significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort in their speech performance, and significantly decreased alert in their anticipatory speech, whereas those who were given the placebo presented higher anxiety, cognitive impairment, discomfort, and alert levels when compared with with those who were given the CBD. It would seem that this evidence can only go to prove that those who suffer from anxiety can mostly benefit from CBD based products. 

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Then, there are the performers, composers, and musicians, some are exhilarated and energised about their performances in public, but others can suffer from a crippling sense of fear and dread. Artists like Frederic Chopin, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Pablo Cassals, Tatiana Troyanos, and Barbra Streisand experienced such intense music performance anxiety. Some of the ‘remedies’ that artists turn to can be damaging to their health and detrimental to their skills.

In some groundbreaking studies that draw on disciplines, including psychology, philosophy, phenomenology, psychoanalysis, and performance theory in order to explain the many facets of this kind of disorder, it has been observed that some there are some unifying principles with the addition of CBD based treatments, these disorders can be managed to a level that helps them to provide so much entertainment. 

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