Amnesia Haze Autoflowering

Dating back to the 1990’s, this is a strain also known as Champagne Haze, Ultra Haze, or The Bomb. About as powerful as many other strains, it contains about 18% THC. This is the kind of strain that a casual user might enjoy if they feel like stepping things up, but not getting particularly stoned in the process. It’s around 50% sativa, so you might end up a little hazy, with a cerebral effect, and a mildly uplifting high. 

There’s a sweet and spicy scent, and an oddly contrasting selection of sweet and earthy tastes. 

This strain has a 10-12-week flowering phase from germination, on average. Grown indoors, the plants can grow between 50–100cm / 19-39 inches tall, and provide a grower with 400g per square meter. Outdoors, plants hit 100–120cm 39-47 inches, and deliver up to 180g per plant.

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