Alien Dog

This stuff is a great indica based strain, stemming from one of the most popular strains making its way across the USA (Alien Technology). Probably best to use it in small doses for medicating, as the more you ingest the larger the effects on the head/mind become and it seems to take away from the brilliance of the body medication. On the other hand, seasoned patients may enjoy the diversity that this strain has to offer, and do go “all in” for both mind and body exhuberation.

The from Alien Dog seems to have a citrus scent pre-grind,  then that gets combined with some definite soil/kush smells after grinding. The flavour gives a soft sweetness of berry meeting pine with a delayed, albeit big, expansion.

Tends to make a person feel it heavily in their head and face immediately, all this combined with a buzzy warm body high feeling. You may have trouble focusing your eyes, Alien Dog can be very strong and a little disorienting. The Indica sides to this strain are evident, the pulsing warm high all over the body and head is an experience, but then there’s the repeated yawning and stretching.

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