Alaskan Thunderf*ck

A highly powerful Sativa-dominant strain that seems to have an odd musky, fruit chocolate taste and smell about it, the ATF originated in Alaska in the 1970’s but retains popularity to this day.

This impressively named strain has its lineage in a combination of; Northern California Sativa and Afghani genetic lines, with rumours of Oaxacan Gold and/or Original Haze.

Its original name was “Matanuska Valley Thunder Fuck”, and it became popular back in the mid 1970’s when that legendary magazine “High Times” did a story on the strain following the court decision that essentially legalised marijuana possession in Alaska. 

A lovely aroma with elements of musky fruit and a some light sweetness, the flavour being very similar, with the addition of a smooth chocolatey quality.

Extremely potent at times for some users, but the ATF packs a strong Sativa punch that can lift up a mood, but can also leave the user with little or no ability to do anything other than hang on for the ride.  Strong body relaxation and mood elevation combine with appetite stimulation and ocular relief to make this strain a particularly medicinal Sativa.

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