Sativa-dominant in terms of effect, Indica-dominant in terms of plant appearance, AK-47 is one of the true Hybrids.  The plant is a medium height plant that produces buds with a high very well. It also boasts a fairly short flowering time for a Sativa-dominant plant, making it suitable for commercial or connoisseur purposes.  The “Cherry” phenotype is the most prized one. It did grow out of a combination of an unnamed mix of Colombian, Mexican, Afghani, and Thai genetic lines.

Its name comes from its’ “one hit wonder” effects.  The plant has been a long-time contest and cup winner, winning 8 competitions spread over 10+ years, a true classic of a strain with awesome staying power.

It has a strong, sweet, and fruity odour, which can get out of control when the plants are growing, so carbon filters are highly recommended.

The sent it gives off is spice-heavy and a bit sweet, with hints of sandalwood.

Overall, a balanced experience that fluctuates depending on the harvest timing (late harvest gives more of an Indica-like, heavy experience), AK-47 is known for being very potent overall.  The Sativa attributes keep it from being too heavy and narcotic, but there’s plenty of body effect and relaxation within this strain. Appetite stimulation and muscle relaxation appear to be the main medical properties for AK-47.

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