Agent Orange

An upbeat, positive, and almost trippy experience is likely to be obtained from this mostly-sativa hybrid that produces large, flat-topped colas which are full of citrus fragrance. Considering its roots have grown out of – Local Orange Skunk, Jack’s Cleaner, and Space Queen, it’s no wonder it’s a bit of a trippy experience. It might even happen to turn purple in the right conditions, but most of the time it finishes a verdant green with neon orange pistils.

Created in an attempt to fuse the legendary clone Jack’s Cleaner with an orange strain, it was thought to be an attempt to make a new version of a Juan Moore strain called 7Up.

The aroma seems to be reminiscent of lemons, oranges, and an almost liquor-like sharpness, with a flavour to match. 

Mostly, it gives people a strong mood elevation, although it can leave a person being a bit trippy and scatterbrained, a true sativa experience.  Ocular attention, mood elevation, and minor pain relief seem to be the main medical properties.

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