Tends to be a bit of a rollercoaster ride at first, but tends to finish out much calmer. Nicely balanced in terms of mental and physical effects. An pleasantly sweet and fruity taste, as well as, something to help those effects along. Overall, a well recommend strain for almost anyone, quoted as being an “easy indica”.

Dark green, slight purple hues, almost invisible brick red pistils, with a reliable trichome.

Afkansastan has a complex and unexpected aroma for a pure Afghani strain, but some some dark fruity/berry smells, especially post-grinder, which is when the smell really comes into its own. The taste seems to be similar to the smell.

Seen as a great way to unwind, with reports of full body relaxation. A good one for the first timer and the experienced. Other reports have sighted really positive and happy experiences, sometimes just causing smiles. Great mix of head and body, strong in both areas.

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