This has a lot of familiarity with the Afghani #1 mother in structure and resin while adding some Sativa potency and head effects thanks to its Maui Haze father.  The blend of the two old-school genetics lines produces a sticky, potent plant that stays relatively short throughout its lifespan.

First seen in the California medical scene, this strain has some classic credentials, and due to these credentials, this hybrid picks some Sativa vigour from the Maui Haze, but otherwise displays its Afghani roots, it’s a sticky, trichome-laden plant that is known for gumming up a grinder or two.

If grown with care, Afgooey will have a deeply sweet and fruity aroma with a hint of pine and hash, many have claimed to have picked up a strong hint of cherry. The flavour is much the same, but very dependent on the level of care it’s grown with.

With the strong Indica feeling, Afgooey has the potential to be a “daywrecker”, but in smaller doses, it’s squarely in the functional Indica category, we think this is thanks to the Haze influence.  Can be a little hectic, but at the same time, definite couchlock tendency. It also shows benefits with strong relaxation properties (both mental and physical), mood elevation, sleep aid properties (especially at high dosages), anti-anxiety, ocular relief, and mild pain relief.

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