This is a strong and hearty variety spawned from the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, these dark green Indica plants can survive almost any environment. They’re also pest and mould-resistant, easy to grow, and compact. Their traditional use is in making hash, Afghani varieties are  often extremely resinous and sticky.

Initially Afghani was brought into the USA and Holland as far back as the 1970’s, since then it’s been used in many crosses to improve yield, mould/pest resistance, and add its Indica power and resin production.

Normally, the aroma is hashy and earthy, while sometimes displaying a very musky and spicy scent.

Flavour wise, it seems to be hash like, and fairly unremarkable in most cases, sometimes there’s spicy hints, and maybe even a light sweetness will be evident.

Sedating and pain-relieving, Afghani varieties are known for being narcotic at times and eminently relaxing.  Known for fairly high CBD content, they have great analgesic properties.

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