While growing, AC/DC is a bushy sativa and behaves like Golden Goat and Sweet Sweet. The leaves being so thin they remind some people of feathers when they brush against them. Though many CBD strains are reserved for concentrates for their overwhelming tendency to self-pollinate, AC/DC is a proven 30:1 CBD strain that holds well as finished buds and is very stable.

It is a CBD-rich strain, making it better for medical than for recreational, tests have put it at around 30:1 CBD, just above the threshold of industrial hemp. This cut has been circulating through California for several years, and in some ways Charlotte’s Web, another “pure CBD” strain has somewhat stolen its thunder.

Not your typical “No-High” hemp plant, the cured buds are tight formed but fluffy. Very little kush structure and much more akin to skunk varieties.

It has a scent akin to lemongrass and cherries. With the flavour being reminiscent of cherries and berries, and a thick smoke with woody hints.

With only traceable amounts of THC in the AC/DC strain, it is as close to a “Pure CBD” whole plant as it is possible to get. CBD has been demonstrated as a treatment for epilepsy.

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