Acapulco Gold

A strain of Cannabis sativa had more popularity during the 1960s counterculture movement, this was down its potency and unique colour. Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary the following year as “a special grade of cannabis growing in the vicinity of Acapulco…with a colour of brownish gold, or a mixture of gold and green.”

Known to many as “connoisseur pot”, in the 1960s Acapulco Gold became a sought-after strain for smokers, considered better quality than the weed growing in California or Texas. Another report highlighted its “exquisite taste”. Its potency was due to a THC content of around 23%, making it one of the strongest available at the time. The strain’s association with quality was such that the 1993 textbook Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health claimed that “Acapulco gold” had become a generic term for high-grade marijuana.

Acapulco Gold became one of the parents of the hybrid Skunk No. 1, which many thought to be “the backbone of the modern cannabis breeding world.” In 2014, High Times magazine named Acapulco Gold one of the greatest strains of all time.

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