303 Kush

If you enjoy Bubba Kush, this strain is going to be worth at least checking out must-try, even if it’s just for the aroma and taste, which is potent and reminds people of some of the finest strains around. The effect seems to be a little more uplifting and active than Bubba Kush is traditionally known for, but 303 still has qualities of body relaxation that seems to enhance most people’s mood.

Broad, spade-shaped woodland green calyxes in open, tight clusters, with desert gold to heath red pistils, and above average coverage with very long, thin stalked trichomes with small heads

The aroma seems be considered to be impressive and extremely pungent. Some thoughts on the smell have referred to smokey bourbon, anise, and a sharp chemical qualities. 

The flavour seems to be hard to pin down as well. 

Commonly, this just seems to improve people’s moods, we can only assume this is the job it’s best for, making many people feel social, extroverted, happy, and creative. 

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